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Canary Q&A with Georgia Phillips

Canary Q&A with Georgia Phillips
Lucy Jedlin
Lucy Jedlin
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October 10, 2022
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Georgia Phillips joined YC in November 2021 as the first sales hire.  In such a short time, Georgia has played a pivotal role in building out the sales team infrastructure and has been instrumental in YC’s growth.  Having recently moved into a Chief of Staff role, Georgia now works closely with our MD, Marcus, to support the different business functions.  In her spare time, you might find Georgia catching up with friends or helping out at her family farm in NSW.

1. Can you explain your role at YC?

I started at YC in November 2021 as a Customer Experience Executive.  I was the very first sales hire and was tasked to build out the sales process, implement a CRM, assist with new product development - anything growth related, I was involved in!

In September 2022, I was appointed as Chief of Staff where I support Marcus across all functions of the business.  No two days are the same - one minute I’m in a meeting talking about an exciting new product that we’re developing, to organising a networking event for our clients, to preparing our monthly forecast - it’s always different which is great.

2. What was your background before coming to YC?

After finishing my Economics Degree, I began my career at a professional services firm in the audit team.

I left to pursue a psychology degree and move into the tech world. I had a short stint in the sales team at Salesforce before I heard about the exciting things happening at YC. I decided to jump on board the YC rocket ship and have never looked back!

3. What brought you to YC?

The list is never ending!  A few of the things that drew me to YC are:

  • Exciting growth - 18 months ago there were 4 employees, we’re now a team of nearly 60
  • Amazing clients - we work with high-profile, ASX200 clients who are committed to ensuring they have a compliant workforce
  • Intelligent and fun group of people - our team is made up of diverse people with varied skillsets and backgrounds
  • The opportunity for personal growth - in less than 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to take on new and exciting challenges and have now been given the opportunity to be YC’s first CoS

4. What has surprised you most about working at YC?

There is endless opportunity!  YC has grown so quickly over the last 18 months.  With things moving so rapidly, I have been able to build on my skillset and work in areas I previously had little, to no, experience in.

I feel so grateful to work with such intelligent people and to work for a company that is heavily invested in employee wellbeing. The leadership team put a huge amount of trust in YC employees and they’re able to do that because of the stellar bunch of people they have hired who are committed to helping grow this company.

5. What’s a passion of yours outside of work?

Psychology! I started a psych degree last year that I will (one day) finish.  I find it fascinating learning about how our minds work and figuring out what motivates people.  This has been really helpful for both my sales roles and in my role as CoS.

6. How do you spend your weekends?

Generally hanging out with friends and my partner, or you can sometimes catch me on the farm helping out at my family’s place in rural NSW.

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