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We're passionate about our people and our product; committed to providing a world-class workplace where employees can engage in interesting and challenging work.


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Our ways of working

Giving Canaries the freedom and flexibility to create their own work-life balance builds trust in our company, but it’s also just the natural thing to do. That’s why flexibility, collaboration and asynchronous communication is at the core of our culture and ways of working.

Our office vibe

The Yellow Canary office is designed to support our flexible workforce. We have hot desks throughout with a clear desk policy to welcome our Canaries every day. We are mindful of each other in our space and book meeting rooms ahead of time for privacy.

Working asynchronously

We don't do meetings just for meetings' sake. At Yellow Canary, "async" is default, and we use communication tools such as Slack and Notion to collaborate on projects.

Maintaining team spirit

To keep our Canaries aligned on our shared goals and encourage in-person connection, we host quarterly team days for our employees across Australia. Regular team meetings keep our people connected and informed online.

Transparency is key

As a hybrid workforce, we understand the importance of transparency. We work in a way that if any team member becomes unwell or heads on holiday, their work can be easily picked up by others. We communicate widely, and discuss projects in Slack channels, so no important details are lost in DMs or side chats.

Awesome benefits for awesome people

Our people are important to us and we strive to make sure they feel valued and looked after. Explore just a snapshot of some of our ever-growing people benefits below.

Flexible and
hybrid model

We offer truly flexible working to support how, when and where our Canaries work best.

Inclusive parental leave policy

Our parental leave policy offers equal parental leave for any gender, regardless of parental status.

Grow your valued skills with us

Generous learning and development budgets enable personal and professional development.

Employee Assistance Program

Mental health and the wellbeing of our employees comes first. Our Canaries have access to an EAP via Uprise.

In-person team days

We come together in person a few times a year to maximise collaboration and help all Canaries to build relationships with each other

Fully-stocked Sydney office space

If you decide to come into the office, we keep your brain fuelled with snacks, fresh fruit and hot drinks.

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Our unique hiring process

At Yellow Canary we believe hiring is a two-way process. It is a chance for us to gain insight into your skills and drivers, as well as a chance for you to see what life is like at Yellow Canary, and the kind of work you’ll be doing.

We're proud of our talented, genuine and diverse people, and we want to make sure it's the right fit for new Canaries as our team grows. The below outlines our 3-step recruitment process that provides an open and transparent view into life at Yellow Canary.


Getting to know you

We start with a phone call to understand your interest in Yellow Canary, your experience, passion, and your working rights in Australia. After this, we invite you to have a longer discussion with our team to understand your previous work experience in more depth, as well as your work aspirations. It's important for us to leave plenty of time for you to ask any questions you wish.


Seeing your skills in action

We give you a challenge that is designed to provide insight into the work you’d be doing at Yellow Canary. We see this as an important equaliser in the recruitment process to allow the opportunity for different skills to shine. This is often a take-home exercise, followed by a deep dive discussion with a panel of Yellow Canary team members.


Knowing your values

The next interviews are a chance to chat with people across each team at Yellow Canary. We want to understand how you align with Yellow Canary’s values, and what you’ll add to our culture and ways of working. It’s an opportunity to see who you’ll be working closely with everyday. Once again, we love to hear all the questions you might still have!

An inclusive Canary community

We’re committed to making Yellow Canary a space where everyone can do their best work. We value the strength that diversity brings to life and the workplace, and we are committed to building a team that represents a range of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. If you don’t think you quite meet all the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.

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Position X



There is no micro-management to speak of and precious little red tape. If you are a self-starter, and highly motivated, the culture is liberating.

Sam Hill


Senior Data and Insights Analyst

"I love working at Yellow Canary, where ideas and creativity meet efficiency."

Stephen Sun


Data Analyst

"I love working for a company where you are not a number; you are an employee with feelings, and you are encouraged to contribute your ideas!"

Ellie Travers


Employee Experience Specialist

“The flexibility and variety that I get in my role is great. Plus, I love the team culture at YC - there’s a genuine feeling that our contribution is valued.”

Mary Cuy


Digital Designer

"I love working with a team that truly embodies an open-door policy - everyone's opinion is consulted and valued, and there is always the opportunity to work on something new and interesting.

Stef Rose


Strategy & Operations Lead

"I think YC's impressive growth rate is due to every learning curve being turned into action rapidly. Working at YC is interesting and challenging, and there's so much room to grow!

Georgia Phillips


Chief of Staff

Frequently asked questions

Who is Yellow Canary?

Yellow Canary is a growing RegTech scale-up that enables Australian employers to achieve compliance confidence across employee payments, entitlements and Long Service Leave. Supporting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) obligations, Yellow Canary’s Always On Compliance platform automates regular reviews, comparing payments to obligations, and providing rapid actionable insights.

What does Yellow Canary do?

Yellow Canary challenges the traditional approach to workforce compliance. Their automated solutions are designed to support companies navigating the complexities of the Australian industrial relations system, and to enable ongoing compliance due diligence.

Who are Yellow Canary’s founders?

Yellow Canary was founded in 2018 by Marcus Zeltzer and Brenton McSweyn to address under-serviced and widespread workforce compliance issues in Australian businesses.

Who are Yellow Canary’s clients?

Yellow Canary’s clients are some of Australia’s most recognisable employers with workforces from 500 to 100,000 across a range of industry sectors including banking, insurance, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and health services.

What employee benefits does Yellow Canary provide?

At Yellow Canary, we are continually developing our people benefits, some of which include truly flexible and hybrid working, flexible office spaces for remote Canaries, and an inclusive parental leave policy to support all parents on their parenting journeys. We also support our Canaries in setting up their home office, and with growth and development opportunities.

Does Yellow Canary hold team socials?

Yellow Canary hosts quarterly in-person team days to encourage team bonding and ensure our teams are aligned on our business goals and values. In addition to this, Yellow Canary regularly hosts in-office and remote team social events, giving all Canaries the opportunity to connect with one another.

Does Yellow Canary allow remote working?

Yellow Canary is a hybrid-model workplace, and we have employees located all over the East Coast of Australia. We encourage flexibility and allow our employees to choose what’s right for them and their personal situation. Our main HQ is in Sydney, and we have flexible office space available in other locations in Australia.

What is Yellow Canary’s Glassdoor rating?

We’re committed to ensuring Yellow Canary is a happy, fair and safe place to work. Our Glassdoor rating is 4.7 and we’ve also obtained certification as a Great Place To Work, with over 93% of employees attesting to this.