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Canary Q&A with Courtney Fraser

Canary Q&A with Courtney Fraser
Lucy Jedlin
Lucy Jedlin
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January 16, 2023
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Courtney started at YC in July 2022 as a Customer Success Specialist.  Based in Melbourne, Courtney’s role involves making sure our customers have a seamless end-to-end experience with our products.  When not solving problems or preparing reports for our customers, Courtney is making sure her indoor plants are thriving, or cooking up a delicious feast.  Affectionately known to fellow Canaries as Major Fraser, Courtney has been instrumental to YC’s growth and success over the last 6 months.  Read on for more about Courtney’s YC journey.

1. Can you explain your role at YC?

I’m a Customer Success Specialist, a role which sits within the Customer and Growth team at YC.

As the name suggests, the underlying goal is to ensure that through effective project governance and communication, our customers have a seamless end-to-end experience using YC products.

In terms of the day to day, this means everything from ensuring that our customer’s data can be used to test the relevant industrial instrument, communicating with customers and partners, lots of organising (which I especially love), quality testing calculations produced by our platform, preparing reports, and everything in between.

2. What brought you to YC?

Fundamentally, I came to YC as I was drawn to our vision and the team. I was really impressed at how YC had come up with a viable, automated solution to one of the most mind bogglingly complex and significant problems facing modern businesses. I also relished the opportunity to be around and learn from a group of very clever and supportive people.

3. How have you found your first 6 months at YC?

The last 6 months has hands down been one of the steepest learning curves of my career. But it has resulted in growth that previously I had not thought possible, especially in the time frame. I’ve learnt an immeasurable number of new skills and am grateful for the help of my fellow Canaries who helped me get there.

Also, working with a bunch of absolute legends hasn’t been half bad either.

4. How would you describe YC’s culture and remote-first way of working?

YC’s culture is one of trust. We hire exceptional people and back them to get things done.

Aside from some obvious benefits of not having to spend time and money on a commute (carrying everything but the kitchen sink in a work bag) and being able to exclusively control the temperature, it’s great to be able to build work around life rather than the other way around.

5. What’s a passion of yours outside of work?

A few things I really love doing - cooking delicious stuff, going for long walks listening to a podcast detailing scandalous historical events (shoutout to British Scandal and American Scandal), and ensuring my indoor plants are living their absolute best. I’ve also recently forayed into outdoor gardening and am getting a huge thrill out of seeing my first tomatoes grow.

6. What are you looking forward to in the next few months?

I’m excited to see the business and people within it continue to grow and realise every ounce of potential.

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