Always On Compliance for a large ASX retailer

Employees in scope:
Always On Compliance

Project Overview

Yellow Canary was engaged by a large ASX listed retailer to perform an ongoing intra-pay cycle compliance review to confirm compliance with the GRIA Award in conjunction with legal advisors.

Project Details

Yellow Canary performs a monthly review of wages paid to 9,000 salaried employees to assess any variance between the salary paid and the modern award minimums for hours worked.

Project timeline

Exception reporting is provided in near real time to identify key drivers of variances and any amounts owing to employees as part of a 'top up' payment process before the next pay cycle.

Project complexity

  • Complex series of special conditions around operations and the client's interaction with employee payments
  • Multiple source systems for source data
  • Reports needed to be issued in near real time to facilitate payments

Data volumes

Over 250,000 timesheet entries, 9,000 rosters and 9,000 payslips for 9,000 employees are reviewed each month.

Industrial instruments reviewed

GRIA Award
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