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Yellow Canary Year in Review 2022

Yellow Canary Year in Review 2022
Lucy Jedlin
Lucy Jedlin
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December 13, 2022
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Our people

We are proud of the remote-first company we’re building at YC.  Over the past 12 months, our team has doubled, growing from 23 at the end of 2021 to 52 Canaries currently at YC.  We’re based all around Australia, with employees spread across six cities on the east coast from Brisbane down to Melbourne.  While we’re remote first, we love coming together four times a year to build out our strategy and work together in person.  We recently came together for our YC Christmas Party at Bondi Bowls.

Investing in our People is a key strategic pillar at YC. We want to ensure that all team members feel included and valued at work, and that YC is one of the best places to grow, learn, and contribute to our mission. Our most recent eNPS score was 74, which is something we’re incredibly proud of.  Earlier in the year we launched our generous paid parental leave plan, demonstrating our commitment to supporting our people in all stages of their personal and professional lives.

A few months ago we launched the YC Employee Blog, a Canary Q&A to help our customers and future employees get to know our people a little better.  You can read some of our recent Q&As here.

Our customers

Over the year, we’ve helped some of Australia’s largest companies make sure they’re doing the right thing by their employees.  Our proprietary platform helps employers uncover any underpayments of employees, analyse the drivers, and allows employers to continually review their employees’ payments on a monthly cadence.  This financial year, through our platform we’ve reviewed 1.4 million employee payslips, with a total of $1.5 billion in employee payments, and we’re just getting started!

Our company

In May of this year, we raised $11m in an investment round led by Parc Capital.  This investment has helped us to fuel our growth, focus on new product development, and hire more Canaries to help us on our mission.

We’re thrilled to have been recognised by key industry bodies as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, winner of the RegTech Innovator of the Year Award, and winner of the Technology Scale Up of the Year Award.  This wouldn’t be possible without the support we’ve received from our customers and partners this year.  You can read more about our Awards here.

We’ve recently launched Super Simple, a tool designed for accountants and small businesses to automate the manual and burdensome process of SG Charge Statements, by enabling ATO-compliant statements to be generated in just a few easy steps.  You can find us on the Xero App Store here.

What’s coming in 2023?

We’ve got big plans next year to help us become the leading automation solution for workforce compliance.  Keep an eye out for new products from YC helping employers in superannuation, long service leave, and more!

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