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Embedding the Voice of the Customer: Introducing Tom McLeod

Embedding the Voice of the Customer: Introducing Tom McLeod
Kate Brown
Kate Brown
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June 11, 2024
Company news

Yellow Canary is committed to supporting businesses with Always On Compliance for wages and Long Service Leave (LSL) in complex working environments. Achieving this requires exceptional talent, and we are proud to embody our value of continually focusing on ambitious ideas to drive our growth and support customers at the core of our operations.  

Introducing our newest Canary

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Tom McLeod as our Chief Risk and Client Impact Officer. With over 30 years of Australian and global experience in leading risk, compliance and audit functions across diverse industries such as mining, media, education, and manufacturing, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.  

At Yellow Canary, Tom will oversee product output and reporting requirements to align with customer needs, contribute to strategic decision-making, manage proposals, and oversee risk management. Most importantly, Tom will advocate for the voice of the customer internally.

Embedding the voice of the customer in everything that we do

  • For Board Members, advocating the voice of the customer means providing the assurance that workplace employment commitments are being fully met.
  • For CEOs, it involves delivering insights into the accuracy of their payment processes.
  • For Chief People Officers, it entails offering rapid understanding of the underlying causes of any inaccuracies before entitlements are paid.

Support with always on wage compliance in complex working environments

Yellow Canary’s leadership team unites industry experts to collaboratively shape our offerings. With the addition of Tom McLeod, we gain valuable expertise to address industry challenges and leverage our collective knowledge to drive strategic innovation at every opportunity centered on the voice of the customer.

Marcus Zeltzer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yellow Canary, is delighted to have Tom onboard:  

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Tom to our team. With his extensive background in risk, compliance, and audit, his presence reinforces our commitment to putting our customer at the centre of everything we do.  With Tom as a core part of our team of subject matter experts we will continue to drive product innovation and help our customer navigate the complexities of wage compliance in Australia and beyond.”

This sentiment is echoed by Tom himself:

“There are two fundamental responsibilities an employer has towards their employees: making sure of their safety and paying them correctly. Yellow Canary leads the industry in supporting businesses to pay employees what is rightfully theirs. It is an exciting time to be joining an organisation that challenges the traditional reactive approach to wage compliance.

My role as the voice of the customer – informed by my 30 years of experience in guiding risk, compliance and audit functions in Australia and globally - will ensure that we continue to deliver and expand on Yellow Canary’s Always On Compliance; always evolving suite of compliance products.”

Leading with customer-centricity

We are excited about the future with Tom and his ability to drive positive change at Yellow Canary. His extensive experience and innovative mindset will be invaluable as we navigate the complexities of our industry and foster a culture that consistently prioritises our customer.

Please join us in welcoming Tom McLeod to the Yellow Canary family as we embark on this new era of customer-centricity and growth.

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