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Yellow Canary named in the Australian Financial Review's Fast Starters List

Yellow Canary named in the Australian Financial Review's Fast Starters List
Vijhai Utheyan
Vijhai Utheyan
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November 30, 2022
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Those of you who are avid Australian Financial Review (AFR) readers may have noticed as you opened your paper or browsed the AFR website this week, Yellow Canary has been placed 21st on the AFR Fast Starters list for 2022! We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the country and to be named on a list that has featured some of Australia's most prominent companies. 

We're incredibly proud of the recognition of the growth that we have experienced across our client base, partnerships, people, products, and revenue to date. The Yellow Canary team has grown to over 50 Canaries across Australia, attracting an outstanding team of engineers and experts within the industrial relations and payroll sector. Our clients include Australia's most recognisable blue chip companies across a range of industry sectors who are leading a fundamental change to how employers address workforce compliance by adopting a proactive, ongoing monitoring approach (see our post here). 

The organic growth we have experienced and recognised by the AFR is only the beginning. One of our core values is that we are bold and hungry for growth. This makes us determined to become the leading solution for automated workforce compliance, making it easy for employers to meet their compliance obligations and ensuring that all Australians are paid correctly. None of this would have been possible without our amazing people. Thank you to all the Canaries who have enabled us to be recognised by the AFR and who have taken a seat on our rocket ship. 

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