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Yellow Canary Security Update - September 2022

Yellow Canary Security Update - September 2022
Steffi Rose
Steffi Rose
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September 29, 2022
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With a growing number of data security breaches occurring across Australia, Yellow Canary understands the damaging impact these incidents have on businesses, their customers, and their employees; and the unease this may cause around all aspects of data security. To provide some peace of mind, we’ve collected some points on how our enhanced security processes protect our customers’ data.


  • All data resides in Australia and is only ever handled by Yellow Canary team members, with no outsourced or offshored personnel.
  • All Yellow Canary team members are located within Australia.
  • Our team undertakes regular cyber and information security training.

Data Security

  • Yellow Canary does not generally require any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to provide workforce compliance solutions. Our clients are able to allocate a unique identifier against each employee record to limit the need to share any PII.
  • Yellow Canary uses a secure data centre and hosting environment in AWS
  • Yellow Canary uses multiple AWS Security services, including Security Hub, WAF & Security Groups.
  • Yellow Canary uses AWS GuardDuty as our threat detection service to monitor anomalous activity.
  • All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest across all services. We use AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to manage encryption keys.
  • Clients are logically segregated. Every client’s data is stored in a separate, encrypted database within Yellow Canary’s platform.
  • Yellow Canary adheres to a strict data governance framework comprising policy, process, training, standards and audits.

Compliance and Testing

  • Independently audited cyber/information security risk assessments and compliance checks.
  • Annual penetration tests by an independent cyber security specialist.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspects of Yellow Canary’s data security position, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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