Payroll remediation checklist

Download our checklist to navigate the complexities of payroll remediation, from data, to project management, and future planning.

Payroll remediation checklist

Payroll underpayments in Australia

With Australia’s complex industrial relations landscape, it’s no surprise that The Fair Work Ombudsman recovered $509 million of underpayments in FY2023.

Even the smallest compliance missteps concerning minimum pay rates can lead to enduring underpayment issues that require rectification. To add fuel to the fire, underpayment cases frequently uncover systemic issues with far-reaching financial implications, including LSL, superannuation, payroll tax etc.

Why it's vital to get payroll remediation right

Underpaying employees can have serious consequences for their financial wellbeing, company trust and productivity. Employers are legally obligated to pay their employees correctly, and those who identify an underpayment issue but fail to remediate this issue for their employees may face penalties from the Fair Work Ombudsman or legal action from unions.

If you're considering downloading this checklist, your organisation have identified a systemic payroll compliance concern, potentially facing underpayment risks due to non-compliance with modern awards and enterprise agreements.

Our comprehensive checklist is designed to assist you in navigating the complexities of payroll remediation.

Your historical payroll review checklist

Cover important components of a payroll remediation project including:

  • Project management
  • Data handling
  • Legal considerations
  • Communication strategies; and
  • Future planning considerations

Payroll remediations can drain time and money, and damage a company's reputation and finances. Our checklist empowers HR, payroll, and compliance leaders to preemptively sidestep common errors, to work toward a seamless and comprehensive resolution to their payroll challenges.

Download the checklist via the form.

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