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Software Engineering

Through meticulous design, development, and testing, our software engineering team crafts tailor-made solutions that streamline compliance processes, enhance data accuracy, and mitigate risks.

Person sitting at their desk with a computer monitor, working on Yellow Canary platform.

Accelerating workforce compliance

Our software engineering team creates intuitive tools that simplify compliance analysis, enabling businesses to proactively maintain compliance across their workforce.

Our mission

Our software engineers strive to create software systems that effectively address the complex regulatory landscape and enable our clients to maintain the highest standards of workforce compliance.

The values we live by

We prioritise the satisfaction of our clients and strive to truly address their challenges. Working as one team, our engineers embrace effective communication and collaboration to create successful products. Pursuing personal and professional development is core to our values.

Ways of working

The software engineering team works flexibly and remote-first, leaning heavily on asynchronous ways of working. We generally come into the office on Wednesdays if there is an initiative to kick off or for a social lunch.

Tools and technology

AWS, C# .Net, React and Github are commonly used tools within the software engineering team for building and deploying scalable and secure solutions.

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"What stands out to me the most about Yellow Canary is the amazing environment and incredible, supportive people."

Hasintha Attanayake


Software Engineer


Software Engineering

"I love working at Yellow Canary, where ideas and creativity meet efficiency."

Stephen Sun


Data Analyst


Data and Analytics