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Our product team collaborates with all areas of the business to create solutions for real customer problems.

Product team

Pioneering automated solutions with purpose

Our product team builds innovative solutions for our customers’ evolving needs.

Our mission

The product team’s mission is to build incredible solutions that rock the payroll compliance space. We work to understand the problem, scope out solutions with our engineering team, and facilitate prioritisation and competing project requests.

The values we live by

The product team embraces an automation mindset and focuses on solutions that are fit for purpose. When creating new products, we keep the customer at core, and seek to find new opportunities for growth.

Ways of working

Always treating each other with respect, each team member has a voice and everyone’s input is valued. We work collaboratively with the software engineering team, with one member of the product team integrated in each engineering sub team.

Tools and Technology

Always encouraging innovation, we use Jira to collaborate with our engineering team and centralise all product ideas and features. Notion is used as a central location for ideas and documentation. We’re also a big fan of whiteboard – who doesn’t love some sketches and arrows?

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At Yellow Canary, our outputs are a collaborative team effort and we aren’t bound to sticking to the remit of our job titles. Everyone is always respective and approachable. It's such a mind-bending and rewarding space to be working in as we are trying to build automated solutions to what has been predominately manual and tedious.

Amy Mantaring


Product Manager



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There are currently no vacancies for this team, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you. If you think you could bring value to Yellow Canary, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a chat.