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Meet the leadership team behind the Yellow Canary business. Our diverse leadership team works together to steer our people toward our business objectives.

Leadership team group photo.

Inspiring excellence

Yellow Canary’s leadership team brings diverse experience and perspectives to lead the business strategy, growth and culture.

Our mission

The leadership team's mission is to cultivate a culture that empowers all Canaries to think creatively and contribute their ideas. We strive to foster an inclusive environment where we collectively drive innovation, enabling Yellow Canary to be the leading automation solution in workforce compliance.

Living our values

To drive progress toward our mission, the leadership team embodies all Yellow Canary's values every day. We embrace calculated risks and ambitious goals to encourage innovative thinking. Acting as one team, we demonstrate resilience and overcome challenges to inspire a growth-oriented culture.

Ways of working

We don't believe in meetings for meetings' sake. Where we can, we communicate via Slack, and encourage the wider business to maintain transparency and visibility. The Leadership team will visit the office at least once a week for in-person collaboration.

Tools and technology

Each member of the Leadership team leverages a range of tools tailored to their respective teams. As a business, we communicate via Slack, and use Notion and Microsoft tools to store collaborate on projects in a centralised hub.

Meet the leadership team

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Position X



"I think YC's impressive growth rate is due to every learning curve being turned into action rapidly. Working at YC is interesting and challenging, and there's so much room to grow!

Georgia Phillips


Chief of Staff



"Working at YC has been an amazing journey. Our culture fosters innovation and learning, and provides a real opportunity to make an impact and grow. I love working alongside our Canaries, who are a group of interesting and talented people across all disciplines."

Claire Wallace-Craig





Vacancies in this team

Sorry, there are currently no roles available

There are currently no vacancies for this team, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you. If you think you could bring value to Yellow Canary, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a chat.