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Discover what it’s like to contribute toward the exciting growth of our business. Our growth team drives and optimises customer acquisition and retention through value-adding campaigns and strategies.

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Driving growth with integrity

Our bold and hungry growth team is made up of experienced marketers and salespeople who always keep the customer at core.

Our mission

The Yellow Canary growth team strives to communicate Yellow Canary’s purpose across Australia and achieve compliance confidence for all Australian enterprise businesses and their employees.

Living our values

Naturally, we are bold and hungry for growth. As we work toward our growth goals, we ensure our customers’ needs are met, and that we provide transparency and honesty every step of the way.

Ways of working

The growth team is remote-first team, but team members tend to come into the office once or twice a week to catch up in person. We don’t just do meetings for meetings’ sake. Collaboration, testing new things, and failing fast and forward are core to our working approach.

Tools and technology

The growth team is continuously sourcing new tools and technologies to improve processes. Some examples of tools we love are our Hubspot CRM, Miro for brainstorming and collaboration, Asana and Notion for project management, and Webflow for managing our website.

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Position X



"I think YC's impressive growth rate is due to every learning curve being turned into action rapidly. Working at YC is interesting and challenging, and there's so much room to grow!

Georgia Phillips


Chief of Staff



“The flexibility and variety that I get in my role is great. Plus, I love the team culture at YC - there’s a genuine feeling that our contribution is valued.”

Mary Cuy


Digital Designer