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Our Customer team puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. They operate at the intersection of technology and customers to make compliance confidence easier for Australian employers.

Two people working at their desks and laughing.

Partners for success

Our Customer team is made up of compliance, payroll, legal and data experts who work together to ensure the success of our amazing customers.

Our mission

The core mission of the Customer team is to ensure every one of our clients have confidence in their workforce compliance. We strive to make this experience as easy and as fun as possible with our expert support and intuitive, automated technology.

Living our values

Naturally, our team keeps the customer at core in everything that we do. We thrive on collaboration, working with all areas of the business to ensure we provide solutions that help our customers at every stage of their journey.

Ways of working

With compliance, legal and payroll experts located all over the East Coast of Australia, we collaborate transparently within our remote-first team. Some of us work from the Sydney office, and we will all get together in person when needed for client visits.

Tools and technology

Often working asynchronously, our Customer team collaborates in the cloud on Slack, Notion and Microsoft tools. We're always looking for new ways to automate our processes both internally and for customer interactions.

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"Yellow Canary’s culture is one of trust. We hire exceptional people and back them to get things done."

Courtney Fraser


Account Manager