What makes Yellow Canary's remediation solution different from accounting or consulting firm services?

Payroll underpayments are a result of antiquated processes and systems. The cause cannot be the cure. Traditionally, pay reviews are carried out using humans, manual calculations and spreadsheets. Yellow Canary automates this process, eliminating any chance of more human error – all at a fraction of the traditional timeline.

Another key differentiator for us is that we recommend reviewing 100% of employee payments; as opposed to sampling data. Previously, there were no tools available to automate the pay review process and employers faced significant costs to perform pay reviews. Instead, many employers choose to only review a sample of the workforce and extrapolate results.  

This approach is problematic because:

  • It assumes all employees work the exact same hours which does not reflect the actual variations in working patterns;  
  • Sample groups of less than 40% are too small to deliver a statistically relevant result; and  
  • In the event that staff are required to be reimbursed for underpayments, individual calculations for each employee would need to be completed separately, resulting in further work and potential inaccuracies.  

Our automation first approach allows 100% of employee payments to be accurately recalculated, eliminating the need for sample-based estimates obtained through manual reviews.

How does remediation work?

When our clients choose to carry out remediation, we work in 2 phases.

To empower you to quickly gain insight into your compliance status and address any ongoing issues of non-compliance, we suggest commencing AOC for one cohort as the first step.

Having Cohort 1 live on AOC first will enable you to gain insight into your compliance status faster, allowing you to address gaps early and establish a strong foundation to demonstrate compliance.

Once you have the comfort of having Cohort 1 live on AOC we will commence the Remediation phase for Cohort 1. We will then repeat this process with the remaining cohorts.

Why regular, ongoing pay reviews rather than remediation alone?

While remediation seeks to correct past errors and concerns, it does not necessarily address current issues, nor assist with ongoing compliance. Focusing only on the past leaves businesses exposed to the risk of continuing non-compliance. This in turn does not enable businesses to do the right thing by their employees.

Yellow Canary's Always On Compliance empowers businesses to achieve this objective by utilising automation to detect and resolve payment variances on a monthly basis.

We offer remediation as an add-on to our Always On Compliance solution to cover both historical and proactive reviews.